Cloud Mining with Hashflare

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Have you been wanting to get involved in crypto currency mining? Wonder, how do I start?, Do I buy equipment, this is so complicated! Well, forget about all of that! We’ll give you a simple explanation and try to keep it not too technical, you can always learn as you go along the additional complexitites of the mining industry without spending too much money to start! An easy way to get your feet wet in Bitcoin Mining is to try it out on a small scale with cloud mining.

What is cloud mining you ask?

Companies rent you a certain amount of power to mine based on how much you want to spend, this power is called hash rate. In turn, based on the results of each days mining they provide you with the mining results or earnings in that type of crypto currency, lets say Bitcoin. Now this isn’t a fast get rich quick type of thing, it’s a slow and steady process. The advantage of cloud mining is that you don’t need to buy any special equipment, worry about power requirements (BitCoin Mining takes a lot of electriciity), no need to be a computer nerd to set it up…. The cloud mining companies take that out of your hands. This is the easiet way to get started and while you are earning some Bitcoin daily, you will be learning terminology, how it works and get a better understanding of the process. At any point you can increase your Hashing Power to mine more coins daily, or invest in hardware and try mining from your home or office. Now we don’t recommend putting all your savings into this, consider this an investment and put in what you can afford to loose just like you would buying a stock. We suggest starting out with a small amount, $40-$60 (you can even start with less). Now the results are based on a year of mining, so the daily earnings won’t be some HUGE number, they will be small, but it will give you a chance to learn. Now if you have the budget, go ahead and put in a bigger amount if you like, but that can be done later on. Lets say you’re mining for 2 months and decide you want to increase the hash rate, you can upgrade at any time so be conservative, time is on your side… If you’re ready to give it a try click here to go to Hashflare and sign up, you can pay with a credit card or many crypto currencies if you already have some. If you want to get a birds eye view of the process of using hashflare, check out this group of mining videos which will take you from the first day and show you some research and insiteful information .