Computer Tips

Getting Your XBox to work with XBox Live and a Linksys Router

You have your Xbox connected to Xbox Live, but you keep getting errors.  The problem is that your Xbox requires certain ports to be open in order to communicate with XBox Live.  To accomplish this task follow these steps:

  1. Sign into your Linksys administration page.
  2. Click on the Applications & Gamming option. (You will be on the Port Range Forward Sub Menu)
  3. In the first row type in an application name as shown in the picture below, for this example we typed in Xbox-Live.
  4. In the second column we put a start and an end port range of 88.
  5. Select UDP from the Protocol drop down menu.
  6. Now type in the IP address of the Xbox you have.
  7. Check the enable button to activate this line.
  8. In the second row type in the same name Xbox-Live.
  9. Type in a start and end port of 3074.
  10. In the Protocol drop down menu select Both.
  11. Type in the same IP address for your Xbox.
  12. Check the enable button to activate this line.

Click on the Save Settings Button, and start playing on Xbox-Live!