In order to surf the World Wide Web you need a browser. Below are  the most popular browsers available on the internet at no cost.

Click on any of the links below to download a browser.


Google Chrome

While Google is one of the newer browsers don't be fooled by that fact, it's one of the fastest browsers on the web.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Click here to download Microsoft Internet Explorer Now on it's 11th version.
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FireFox by Mozzila

One of the fastest browsers on the internet today. This has many plugins and tools making it a very powerful web browser.
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Safari by Apple

Apples version of a web browser.

Other downloads

There are many programs available on the Internet. below is the list of popular sites that offer old and new softwares.

For utilities, new software or --- click on any of the sites below.


ZDNet Dowloads
Click here to go to ZDNet.

Click here to go to Jumbo®.

Click here to go to Tucows.

CNet Shareware
Click here to go to

Click here to go to